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5th Session. Catalog

Hi there coffee addicts,

we have already published the last catalog of our 5th session. Thanks again to every single person who has been interested or involved in this activity, it wouldn’t be possible without your help.

We are planning the last session of the year, there will be few surprises and we would like to count on you. More info coming soon. Keep an eye on this blog, facebook or twitter. Book  the 15th of December  in your agenda, you will enjoy it.

(Click the image to see the whole doc)


Instant Coffees. Photomonth East London

We are publishing the final line-up for our special session within the Photomonth Festival East London. We are exciting to share a selection of our Instant Coffees at Roof Unit. Also, we count on three photographers during the evening: Andrew Jackson, Ben Roberts and Stuart Matthews who will be showing their work and talk about it.

If you have heard something about us and you are curious on what we are doing, you should pop up the 19th of October  at 19:00h and join the talks and slideshows.

Finally, we want to appreciate all the support and interest for everybody who have been following the activity, it wouldn’t be possible without you.

5th Session

After the summer break Instant Coffees comes with new photography works, we really appreciate all submissions which have been received during the last three months. We hope to see you tomorrow at The Arts House at 19h. This is the line up for the 5th session:

  • Jamie Carstairs – Picturing China
  • Stuart Matthews – Changing Tides: An Uncertain Future
  • David Hornillos – Principe Pio
  • Armando Ribeiro – Depressing Landscapes
  • Chiara Tocci – Life after Zog
  • Evgenia Arbugaeva – Tiksi in Winter
  • Fernando Brito – Your steps were lost in the landscape
  • Dalia Khamissy – Lebanon’s missings
Many thanks for your collaboration. 

Evgenia Arbugaeva - Tiksi