Line up. PICS&PLOT


Don’t forget to come along this Friday for a great photography evening (6pm) at the Island in Bristol!!

PIC&PLOT is a collaboration between 5 photography collectives from around the world.  There will be photography screenings, music, food, drinks and more surprises.

Please find all the details in the press release attached. Hope to see all of you over there.

This will be the line up for this edition:

El Ciclope Mecanico

Cristina de Middel – Afronauts

Federico Clavarino – Ukrania Passport

Martin Rueda – La vida corta

Salvi Danés – Tokio Dark isolation

Tatjana Schlör – Welt

Sergio Castañeira – Ciudad Sur

FireFly PhotoFilms

Rajan Zaveri – Forgotten exodus

Charley Murrell – Models: Child’s play


Andrea Boscardin – Ecce Homo

Andrea Boscardin, Arianna Sanesi, Elisabetta Cociani – Home coming


Dalia Khamissy, Laura Boushnak, Miriam Abdelaziz, Newsha Tavakolian, Tamara Abdul Hadi, Tanya Habjouqa – Collective reel

Dalia Khamissy. A production of BBC and Benjamin Chesterston (Duckrabbit) – Lebanon’s missing

Laura Boushnak – Survivor

Tamara Abdul Hadi – Self-portrait  from inside Palestine

Instant Coffees

Ibolya Feher – Sisters of Sclerder

Jim Mortram – Simon

Rebecca Harley – Memories of a house

Jordi Ruiz – Menonos


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