Session 7. Instant Coffees Line up!!

We are glad to announce our line up for our next session of Instant Coffees-photography screening. We are also excited to invite Gavin Maitland who will give a talk about a local story, The Bamboo Club.

For Instant Coffees, Maitland will be sharing his research into the history of the Bamboo Club, Bristol’s first West-Indian social club located in St. Paul’s from 1966 – 1977. The fragmentary archive of which serves as a visual legacy to the history of West Indian culture in Bristol at a time of great cultural and political upheaval in the UK. Maitland will highlight the importance of employing different approaches in order to conduct historical research, arguing that considerations such as the ephemeral nature of the photograph may lead to an appreciation of its social, commercial and/or industrial life prior to its internment within the archive.

Gavin Maitland is a curator, archivist and photo-historian. He currently works in archives of Christies and the Victoria and Albert Museum and previously attended Glasgow School of Art, NSCAD in Nova Scotia and most recently DeMontfort University in Leicester. He writes about the social and geographic (mis)representation of maligned cultures through photography’s varying histories.

This is the line up for our 7th edition of Instant Coffees:

  • Mona Simon (VEA Collective) – “Caldarari”
  • Jim Mortram – “Market Town”
  • Jordi Ruiz “Menonos”
  • Supay Fotos “Borde”
  • Alice Carfae “Tin girls”
  • Rajan  Zaveri “The mountain people”
  • Cristina de Middle ” MADE IN”
  • Maxim Dondyuk “The TB epidemic in Ukrania”


One response to “Session 7. Instant Coffees Line up!!

  1. Wish I could be there! Have a fantastic time and thank you for including my work with such wonderful company!

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