Stephane C. Instant Coffees award. EMERGENT LLEIDA PHOTO FESTIVAL

Many congratulations on receiving the Instant Coffees award for your work entitled “They never adopted the name of themselves” recently exhibited at the Emergent-Lleida Photography Festival.

As you may know our organisation has a keen interest in new multimedia productions – with the specific aim of allowing authors the space to both create and promote their vision to new audiences. And in this light, the aims of our award are ones designed to specifically aid a photographer in the production and promotion of new works.

In this sense, we would like to collaborate with Stephane C on the next stage of this project. We believe in the importance of what he is doing and believe in him as a photographer; and as such, we would like to offer our help to him in getting this work out into the world.

Stephane C. “They never adopted the name of themselves”

Many thanks to Emergent LLeida Photo Festival to bring us this opportunity to collaborate and support with the finalist.


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