Special edition at Roof Unit. Photomonth East London

On Wednesday (October 19th) last week Instant Coffees set off for the bright lights of London for it’s first screening outside of Bristol at the wonderful Roof Unit in Bethnal Green.

Our great audience during the break.

This was my first Instant Coffees screening,(after being involved behind the scenes for awhile), and away from it’s home turf, of Bristol, I was a little worried about how it would go on the night, and let’s face it, if anyone would turn up.

But the tell-tale buzzing in of people in the background as Alejandro set up the projector and sorted the the screening out (by the way, many thanks to Tim for the loan of his Macbook!!) would settle my concerns and a little after 7pm the proceedings of the night commenced with Alejandro acting as the master of ceremonies on the night.

On the night, myself,(Andrew Jackson), Ben Roberts and Stuart Matthews would be on hand to talk about their screenings in between the works of a range of other fantastic contributions.

To have Ben and Stuart on hand to explain and discuss their works, approaches and future intentions really made the night for me….and I really looking forward to seeing how their works develop in the future.

There was a great buzz on the night, a feeling of community amongst photographers sharing their work in an appreciative and enquiring atmosphere.

Much of that must be down to the excellent facilities at the Roof Unit and the excellent help the Roof Unit team offered us on the night – and of course to everyone who came out to show their support – we owe you all so much and we hope to see you again.

Andrew Jackson



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