Zaragoza Photo. 2011 Special screening

We are warming up for Zaragoza Photo Festival and a few events on the horizon. We want to publish the selection of photographers who will be screening theirs works on the 1st of October 2011, at 22:00 h. Albergue C/Predicadores. Zaragoza. Spain.

  • Freya Najade – If you are lucky, you get old
  • Ben Roberts – Gathering clouds
  • Jim Naughten – Re-enactors
  • Human Endeavour Collective – Degeneration
  • Ian Teh  – Dark clouds
  • Briony Campell – The Dad project
  • Seba Kurtis – 700 miles
  • Michele Tagliaferri – Mapa
  • Fernando Brito  –  Your steps were lost in the landscape
  • Andrew Jackson  –  The hidden landscape
  • Will Hartley  –   Lawrence Hill
  • Dalia Khamissy  –  Lebanon´s missing

Zaragoza Photo Festival

Furthermore, if you are around Zaragoza these days don´t miss another two Spanish collectives with a really good background in Screening Shows: El Cíclope Mecánico (30th Sept) y FOTOAPLAUSO (29th Sept).

Many thanks to everybody who have shown interest in our activity.


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