4th Session Catalogue

In our aim to bring a mix of local and international photographers into the same activities, Instant Coffees’ last session gave us another chance to screen and discuss different  works, to see a variety of different visual cultures and to continue developing our community network.

On this occasion, we had a wide range of topics and divergent ways of approaching them. From the unbelievable Russian space to the deepest Madagascan forest, as well as the industrial face of China. Also, we enjoyed the unusual sport of Colombiculture where the bravest pigeon has the responsibility of attracting female attention. Furthermore, we traveled to Utopia city, smiled with Aby and mourned the consequences of losing a loved one.

After another great evening, we came back home with more questions than answers but with the satisfaction of sharing concerns throughout a photographic project.

4th Session Instant Coffees

(Click the image to see the doc)

We hope you enjoyed it and if you couldn’t make it to the session you will be able to taste the catalogue of our Instant Coffees.


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