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Hi everybody, we want to start a new session with a new appearance that’s why we have moved to instantcoffees.tumblr.com . We want to make our blog life more regular and dynamic, you will be able to check our news, past editions, publications, …

After a summer break we are already on duty planning future events and new surprises that we will let you know soon.

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When a season ends, get ready for the next one!!

Well, it’s been a busy and exciting season for us and we hope for you too. Seven sessions here in Bristol, 2 in London as well as 4 collaboration in Spain. Plus our Pics & Plot group collaboration as part of Bristol Festival of Photography in May of this year and the recent talks by Brenda Ann Kenneally and Robert Knoth. We’ve had over 60 participants from 15 countries, with works looking at modern China, competitive pigeon breeding in Spain, family and marriage, expressions of national pride and communities in far flung places and closer to home. Overall the spirit of storytelling that Instant Coffees embodies has been incredibly well represented and really heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has been involved in making it possible, participants, curators, designers, lecturers, sponsors and of course our audience.

Now, it is time to think about and get ready new ideas for the next season, there will be surprises and we will let you know soon.

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In the meantime, we have published our last catalogue with the highlights of our seventh season including a fantastic essay of Gavin Maitland, ‘These Museumy Emblems of Others’: Against the Colonial Museum, Toward Commemoration. writing about photography archives as alive museums:

“Literal museums and figurative: without walls (ambiguous and permeable anyway), or with. …Books read as a museum (some of them resigned  to be, some not; rituals enacted as a museum. Cities. Experience itself as a museum…” 

We also have a selection of photographers who were showing a great variety of multimedia pieces such as Alicia Carfrae, Cristina de Middel, Jordi Ruiz, Maxim Dondyuk, Rajan Zaveri, Jim Mortram and Supay Fotos. Please check them out, it will be worth it.

Thanks again for your interest and collaboration with Instant Coffees, enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Special Evening with Brenda Ann Keneally and Robert Knoth

Heroin from Afghanistan’s remote mountains makes it’s way onto the streets of Europe and beyond everyday, generating an estimated $60 Billion USD in 2009 alone. It has become an integral part of the world economy and a by-product of modern wars.

At the same time the global economic downturn is accelerating moral, economic and social change amongst the working classes and poverty has never been closer to home. As policy makers deal with these problems what role does love play in these social inequalities, if any?

The Hinterlands and Instant Coffees bring you an evening of talks and discussion with Brenda Ann Kenneally (USA) and Robert Knoth (Netherlands), two dedicated photographers who have been recording these interconnected stories for the past two decades.

The talk takes place from 6.30pm on the 12th July 2012 at The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol

and tickets can be booked at   

This talk is part of a series of talks with Knoth and Kenneally who will also be speaking at London’s Foto8 Gallery on 10th July and Leed’s White Cloth Gallery on the 11th July.

Advance tickets are only £6 and £7.50 on the door.


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The Hinterlands: Workshop, scholarship and talks.

Brenda Ann Kenneally is in Britain to run her first ever UK photography workshop at The Hinterlands in Devon on 24th June 2012. It’s a residential workshop to help photographers develop their stories. The workshop is run on a farm in Devon and everyone stay in yurts, eats nice food together and gets around the campfire. The Hinterlands are offering a free place to a student/recent graduate over the next week. It will be totally free scholarship for one student to come and stay, learn and eat at The Hinterlands in Devon. For more details head to Photographic immersion scholarship

Brenda Ann Kenneally has photographed and reported on American families over the past two decades, and has been recognised and supported by the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, the Mother Jones Documentary Fund, the Alicia Patterson Foundation and the Soros Criminal Justice Fellowship. Her book Money, Power, Respect won the Best Photojournalism Book at Pictures of The Year in 2006. Kenneally’s work for the past five years has been a look at coming of age in post-industrial America. An excerpt from Upstate Girls, won the 2009 World Press Photo Award for Daily Life Series. In 2006, she investigated the living conditions of families on the Gulf Coast on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The multimedia feature of Kenneally’s reporting won a Webby Award.

In July The Hinterlands is also working in partnership to present a series of talks in galleries across the UK, where Brenda Ann Kenneally will be joined by photographer Robert Knoth to discuss their current work. The pair will be at London’s Host Gallery on July 10th, Leed’s White Cloth Gallery on July 11th and in Bristol with Instant Coffees on July 12th.

Jueves Nópicos. Valencia (Spain)

We are pleasured to announce that we are including a selection of Instant Coffees participants as part of the Dr. Nopo‘s program in Valencia within PHOTON photography Festival.

Line up. PICS&PLOT


Don’t forget to come along this Friday for a great photography evening (6pm) at the Island in Bristol!!

PIC&PLOT is a collaboration between 5 photography collectives from around the world.  There will be photography screenings, music, food, drinks and more surprises.

Please find all the details in the press release attached. Hope to see all of you over there.

This will be the line up for this edition:

El Ciclope Mecanico

Cristina de Middel – Afronauts

Federico Clavarino – Ukrania Passport

Martin Rueda – La vida corta

Salvi Danés – Tokio Dark isolation

Tatjana Schlör – Welt

Sergio Castañeira – Ciudad Sur

FireFly PhotoFilms

Rajan Zaveri – Forgotten exodus

Charley Murrell – Models: Child’s play


Andrea Boscardin – Ecce Homo

Andrea Boscardin, Arianna Sanesi, Elisabetta Cociani – Home coming


Dalia Khamissy, Laura Boushnak, Miriam Abdelaziz, Newsha Tavakolian, Tamara Abdul Hadi, Tanya Habjouqa – Collective reel

Dalia Khamissy. A production of BBC and Benjamin Chesterston (Duckrabbit) – Lebanon’s missing

Laura Boushnak – Survivor

Tamara Abdul Hadi – Self-portrait  from inside Palestine

Instant Coffees

Ibolya Feher – Sisters of Sclerder

Jim Mortram – Simon

Rebecca Harley – Memories of a house

Jordi Ruiz – Menonos

PICS & PLOT. Photography Screening Encounter

We are glad to announce our involvement in PICS & PLOT Photography Screening Encounter.

This is a collaboration with different photography collectives around the world which are using multimedia to promote documentary photography.

The collectives who have already confirmed interest in this encounter are Firefly Photofilms(London), El Ciclope Mecanico (Sevilla, Spain), ASA Collective (London), Rawiya (Middle East) and Instant Coffees (Bristol).

More info will be updated soon, if you want to know more about it please click here

Brenda Ann Kenneally and The Hinterlands

Our friends from The Hinterlands, Rebecca Harley and Mike Lusmore, are running two workshops in Devon this summer. Please check out the info below:

“Last year we held a residential photofilm workshop with the wonderful duckrabbit . It was a brilliant experience and once again will we be working alongside duckrabbit for the second year running another photofilm workshop from  27th May – June 1st 2012.

We are also organising another workshop which will focus on developing your photographic style and finding your voice as a documentary photographer and storyteller. The Photographic Immersion workshop with Brooklyn based photographer and documentarian Brenda Ann Kenneally will run from 24th-29th June 2012. It’s a small residential workshop with only 10 places held at Blackdown Yurts in Devon. Participants will stay in yurts, eat great home cooked food and get one-to-one support from Brenda about their work.

Brenda has photographed and reported on American families over the past two decades. She has been recognised and supported by the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, the Mother Jones Documentary Fund, the Alicia Patterson Foundation and the Soros Criminal Justice Fellowship and her book Money, Power, Respect won the Best Photojournalism Book at Pictures of The Year in 2006.

In the past five years her work has looked at the coming of age in post-industrial America and work from her Upstate girls project won a 2009 World Press Photo Award and her multimedia reporting on the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina won her a Webby Award.

It’s Brenda’s first workshop in the UK and it will be a really special week. If you would like to read a little more about the workshop, or want to book a place have a look at our website at www.thehinterlands.co.uk. You can keep in touch with us on twitter at @the_hinterlands or we are on facebook too.”

Session 7. Instant Coffees Line up!!

We are glad to announce our line up for our next session of Instant Coffees-photography screening. We are also excited to invite Gavin Maitland who will give a talk about a local story, The Bamboo Club.

For Instant Coffees, Maitland will be sharing his research into the history of the Bamboo Club, Bristol’s first West-Indian social club located in St. Paul’s from 1966 – 1977. The fragmentary archive of which serves as a visual legacy to the history of West Indian culture in Bristol at a time of great cultural and political upheaval in the UK. Maitland will highlight the importance of employing different approaches in order to conduct historical research, arguing that considerations such as the ephemeral nature of the photograph may lead to an appreciation of its social, commercial and/or industrial life prior to its internment within the archive.

Gavin Maitland is a curator, archivist and photo-historian. He currently works in archives of Christies and the Victoria and Albert Museum and previously attended Glasgow School of Art, NSCAD in Nova Scotia and most recently DeMontfort University in Leicester. He writes about the social and geographic (mis)representation of maligned cultures through photography’s varying histories.

This is the line up for our 7th edition of Instant Coffees:

  • Mona Simon (VEA Collective) – “Caldarari”
  • Jim Mortram – “Market Town”
  • Jordi Ruiz “Menonos”
  • Supay Fotos “Borde”
  • Alice Carfae “Tin girls”
  • Rajan  Zaveri “The mountain people”
  • Cristina de Middle ” MADE IN”
  • Maxim Dondyuk “The TB epidemic in Ukrania”


Our friends of SLPS London are ready for their 4th edition in London, please read carefully all participation details.

They are planning a great event with music, food and photo-works for the audience, but there will also be some prizes for participants offered by Blurb and GUP magazine. SLPS will donate a part of the amount raised through submissions towards Firecracker Grant to support woman photographers.

This time the event is under the theme of GENDER and IDENTITY, so if you have a body of work which can fit in this theme, this is a interesting opportunity to share it with new audience.

Looks pretty good and I wouldn’t miss it.

SLPS  press release

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